The Men – “Rose On Top Of The World”

It’s only been a year and a half since the Men’s last album Devil Music, but considering the once hyper-prolific pace of the group and the general feeling that 2016 is ancient history, it seems like they’ve been gone longer. That’s about to change with the release of their new album Drift, which they announced alongside its opening track “Maybe I’m Crazy.” An anxious piece of post-punk laced with a gasping and skronking sax, it suggested that the band would continue their customary shape-shifting and explore a totally new direction on Drift.

Today, they’re back with another song: “Rose On Top Of The World,” which might prove more appealing if you’re the type of Men fan who liked them best during their ramshackle, dusty rock phase circa 2013’s New Moon or 2014’s Tomorrow’s Hits. (The former might be the best iteration of the Men, if you ask me.) It’s an easygoing, roughened driving song that finds the band wielding that lived-in classic rock aura they perfected a few albums ago but injecting it with a bit of washed-out ’80s college-rock vibes. Check it out below.

Drift is out 3/2 on Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.

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