Jorge Elbrecht – “Wash Away With The Rain”

Jorge Elbrecht – “Wash Away With The Rain”

Synthpop mastermind and prolific producer Jorge Elbrecht is gearing up to release his new solo album Here Lies later this month. We’ve already heard its title track — a pulsating composition featuring an airy, gorgeous hook courtesy of Elbrecht’s occasional collaborator Tamaryn — and now Elbrecht’s shared another single, “Wash Away With The Rain.”

Compared to “Here Lies” and much of the rest of the album, “Wash Away With The Rain” is a bit of an outlier. Forgoing synthpop in favor of an appropriately washed-out, acoustic-driven rock track, “Wash Away With The Rain” is partially reminiscent of ’80s alternative — the delay on the guitar in the chorus recalls the Smiths or the Cure in particular — but the aesthetic that really comes to mind is the blearier, more psychedelic corners of proto-Britpop. Where “Here Lies” had a giant, throbbing sound to it, “Wash Away With The Rain” is a fleet-footed, smaller-scale excursion. It is, however, similar to its predecessor in that it is excruciatingly pretty. Check it out below.

Here Lies is out 2/28. Pre-order it for digital and vinyl.

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