Miles Francis – “Deserve Your Love” Video

Miles Francis – “Deserve Your Love” Video

NYC-based pop artist Miles Francis released his catchy, intimate debut EP, Swimmers, last week, and today he shares a visual treatment for the album’s “Deserve Your Love.” The Charles Billot-directed video starts with a threesome gone wrong and then alternates between shots of Francis and an older man, played by his father, driving at night. Francis pulls up to someone laying in the middle of the road and enters into a surprise choreographed gang fight. On his walk home (I guess the gang stole his car?) he gets an ice cream cone.

Soft, swelling acoustic riffs embellish Francis’ soaring vocals: “I do not deserve your love.” In his own words, the song “deals with the complexities and risks in a new romance. Where there’s overconfidence, there’s deep insecurity; where there’s a sweet exterior, there’s evil brewing underneath — all within one person. It’s sung from the perspective of either a self-conscious wounded lover or an unemotional jerk.”

Watch and listen below.

Swimmers is out now. Listen via Baeble Music.

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