Hear Ty Segall’s Theme To New Comedy Central Series Corporate

Ty Segall wrote the theme song to Comedy Central’s new workplace satire Corporate, which stars series co-creators Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman as office drones beaten down by the daily humiliations of working for a soul-sucking multinational conglomerate. “He’s originally from San Francisco and we have a lot of friends who are comedians in San Francisco — it’s a very small scene where everything is intermixing,” Ingebretson explains to the No Joke podcast. “The whole concept behind it was, if you do get a chance to make a TV show, dream big … our pie-in-the-sky idea was to get Ty Segall to do the theme song, he’s one of our favorite musicians,” Weisman continues. “So we were like, ‘let’s try’ and he was like ‘hell yeah.’ I keep being confused that dreams are achievable. It was not something I thought and I keep getting proved wrong. All you have to do is email someone and be ‘You’re great,’ and they’ll be like ‘I need money, too.'” The show also stars The Wire’s Lance Reddick and comedian Aparna Nancherla, and BrooklynVegan reports that Aimee Mann has a guest role in the third episode. Hear Segall’s instrumental theme here at 2:51.

Ty Segall also appeared on Comedy Central’s The Opposition With Jordan Klepper last month.