POLIÇA & s t a r g a z e – “Speaking Of Ghost”

Synthy post-punks Poliça have teamed up with the contemporary orchestra s t a r g a z e for a collaborative album called Music For The Long Emergency. That “long emergency” they’re referring to is, presumably, our president. The record’s lead single, aptly titled, “How Is This Happening,” was written a day after the election. It’s a lyrical protest, sung over a post-rock soundscape. Today’s track, “Speaking Of Ghost,” follows the pop-leaning second single, “Agree,” which came out earlier this month.

“Speaking Of Ghost” addresses the son of Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olson. Leaneagh explains:

“Speaking Of Ghost” included a sample of mine and Ryan’s 10 month old son at the time playing drums. He was on the road with us for the first performance of the song in Berlin. It’s a note of memories from the first year of his life and it ends with a message to him for his future when I’m gone. He was my constant companion while writing this record: I’d write the lyrics by trying out different melodies and stories on him while I sang him to sleep: he was my silent audience…felt like singing for a ghost.

The song boasts a stirring orchestral arrangement mixed with Auto-Tuned vocals and light electronics. There’s something very Yeezus-era Kanye about Leaneagh moaning, “I will love you most,” into a muffled autotune. Listen to “Speaking Of Ghost” right here via The Fader.

Music For The Long Emergency is out 2/16 via Totally Gross National Product/Transgressive. Pre-order it here.