Amen Dunes – “Blue Rose” Video

New York indie-rockers Amen Dunes released Love in 2014; the album was said to be their most thought-out and worked-over, following a string of quick-and-dirty records. Four years later and now ahead of a new LP, it’s clear they’ve graduated from relentless releases. The lead single and video for Freedom came out last month, and today they share another track and accompanying visual. A synth-psych atmosphere envelops “Blue Rose,” tempered by Damon McMahon’s vocals and a soft, groovy bass line. The appropriately hazy Alex Goldberg-directed video finds McMahon singing in a basement that reads like a modern That ’70s Show set — weed, video games, men seated in a circle โ€” but less whimsical. Watch and listen below.

Freedom is out 3/30 via Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.