Watch St. Vincent’s Backstage Cover Of Pearl Jam’s “Tremor Christ”

When today’s indie luminaries talk about their major influences, Pearl Jam isn’t exactly a name that comes up a lot. But Annie Clark’s love of Pearl Jam is well-documented — she, in fact, credits “Jeremy” as the song that convinced her to pursue music. She’s also shared the stage with the ’90s legends before, and once offered up a beautiful reading of their heartbreaking classic “Black.” Clark is currently touring behind her brilliant new album MASSEDUCTION — one of the best albums of 2017 — and before her show in Asheville last night, she tried out a deeper cut from Pearl Jam’s history. (She has good taste when it comes to these pre-show warmup covers.)

Compared to some of the more enraged numbers on the band’s caustic 1994 album Vitalogy, “Tremor Christ” is a queasy, frayed midtempo track. Approaching it solo, Clark’s version may be even more unnerving than the original — the combination of how she plays this on an acoustic and her plaintive vocals make it sound like music for a haunted house. And because Clark only uploaded part of the song, we mostly don’t get the release of the original’s chorus and outro, just the verse’s swirling, seasick tension. Of course, Clark’s proven herself to be adept at covers, so it sounds great, and you can check it out below.

“Tremor Christ” warm up in Asheville.

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MASSEDUCTION is out now on Loma Vista.