Mount Eerie Shares New Track “Tintin In Tibet,” Plays “Crow Pt. 2” On The Strombo Show

Mount Eerie Shares New Track “Tintin In Tibet,” Plays “Crow Pt. 2” On The Strombo Show

Phil Elverum’s latest Mount Eerie album A Crow Looked At Me loomed large over 2017 for many people — us included — because of its heartbreaking and naked account of loss and mortality in the wake of his wife’s death. After giving so much of himself, you could forgive Elverum if he’d want to disappear and heal offscreen for a while. Instead, he conceived of a whole new album over the course of last year, and we’re now less than a month away from hearing Now Only in its entirety.

We previously caught a glimpse of Now Only in the 11 minute stream-of-consciousness sprawl of “Distortion.” Like Crow, it was a song that dealt with the aftermath. But today Elverum’s offered up something different: a gentle and conversational acoustic track called “Tintin In Tibet” in which he addresses his deceased wife and recalls some of their earliest interactions. But the song is no less tragic, his wife’s absence hanging over the whole series of snapshots until Elverum makes it concrete at the end, telling her he wishes she was still around to make more mundane but beautiful memories together. Check it out below.

Elverum is actually previewing two new Now Only tracks this morning. He took to Canadian radio Sunday night to perform alum closer “Crow Pt. 2,” a song that has appeared on recent Mount Eerie setlists, and the archived recording has made its way online today. Hear it at The Strombo Show, where it’s labeled as “Crow Sequel.”

Now Only is out 3/16 via P.W. Elverum & Sun. Pre-order it here.

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