Liam Gallagher Gets Grilled By A Bunch Of Cute Kids

Liam Gallagher Gets Grilled By A Bunch Of Cute Kids

Well, somebody is a genius. Liam Gallagher, formerly of Oasis, is one of the music world’s greatest interview subjects, and small children remain some of nature’s greatest interviewers. Someone at Noisey thought to put Gallagher into a room full of adorable, inquisitive kids, and that means that Gallagher gets to answer probing queries like this: “What’s your favorite fart?” (He has a really good answer for that one, too.) Gallagher also takes the time to argue about soccer with the kids and to make fun of his brother Noel: “I had a brother who played the guitar. He’s naughty. And he’s not much bigger than you, actually.” He also refers to a child as a “geezer.” My favorite bit: “If you play a good song in a concert, do you get sweets after?” “Yeah, sort of.” Watch the genuinely amazing video below.

If those kids spend the rest of the school year staring out windows and ripping loud farts, we know who to blame.

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