Stream Margaret Glaspy Born Yesterday EP

Stream Margaret Glaspy Born Yesterday EP

We were treated to a new Margaret Glaspy single last night called “Before We Were Together,” one of three songs on a brand new EP that’s out today. Born Yesterday is the first new music we’re hearing from Glaspy since she released her debut Emotions And Math, which we loved so much that we named Glaspy one of the Best New Artists Of 2016.

“Before We Were Together” served as a reminder that Glaspy has a knack for writing tried and true rock ‘n’ roll songs, and the other two tracks on this EP are no exception. “One Heart And Two Arms” is a lovelorn song that rides a wave of distortion and boasts the lines: “I am your lover/ No ifs ands or maybes/ I’m gonna tell ya ’til it drives you crazy.” Glaspy sounds a little ragged on that one, like this particular love is wearing her down. But the mood picks up on the whimsical “I Love You Goodnight,” a song specially written for those in long-distance relationships.

Listen to Born Yesterday below.

Born Yesterday is out now via ATO.

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