Hinds – “The Club”

Hinds – “The Club”

Madrid’s resident garage band Hinds announced their sophomore record, I Don’t Run, with the playful yet pleading “New For You” back in January. Today they’re back with the latest off their forthcoming LP, a track called “The Club.” With it, Hinds establishes that the purpose for their second record is not so much to depart from their first, but to strengthen their identity as a four-piece who doesn’t cower from honesty or vulnerability for the sake of killer garage rock. “On this album the struggles are clear. We want to be brave,” guitarist and co-lead vocalist Perrote explains via press release.

What shines in what we’ve heard from Hinds already and in “The Club” in particular is that they speak as much to themselves as they do to whoever is listening. “What the hell do they have that you want so bad?” Perrote asks. Fellow vocalist Carlotta Cosials follows, “I wanna show you it’s cool to grow up.” For them, that was practically a promise:

When we wrote “The Club” and first listened to it we couldn’t believe that we hadn’t write it before and that we hadn’t been listening to it for years. A friend said that it is more Hinds than Hinds themselves hahah. That’s why we chose putting it as the track 1 of the album. From now on it’s our presentation card.

I’ll happily take it and you should too so listen below.

I Don’t Run is out 4/6 via Mom+Pop. Pre-order it here.

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