Maria Usbeck – “Bosque De Bambú”

The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Maria Usbeck fronts the band Selebrities, and back in 2016 she released her debut solo album Amparo. Usbeck is Ecuadorian, and the album contains a gorgeous collection of songs written in her native Spanish that transcend language entirely. Co-produced by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, Amparo sounds nationless; it contains a collage of sounds that ignore traditional genre restrictions and instead seek to present listeners with something that is beautiful and universal. Seriously: if you haven’t given Amparo a listen, you should do so.

We haven’t heard anything new from Usbeck since that album was released, but today she debuted a brand new single called “Bosque De Bambú.” It’s a giddy pop song about a love affair so electric that it’s all-consuming. There’s nothing dark hiding under the surface of this song, and you can hear the joy in Usbeck’s voice leading up to the chorus. “En este bosque de bambú/ No existe cultura, religion/ Solo tu y yo,” she sings. Usbeck shared that the song is “about no limits, a love with no boundaries. Feeling free of society’s restrictions and embracing the moment. Getting lost in it. Love who you wanna love.”

Listen to “Bosque De Bambú” below.

“Bosque De Bambú” is out now via Cascine.

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