Hear Seven New Flying Lotus Tracks

Flying Lotus is exactly the type of artist who will suddenly pop up one morning with seven tracks’ worth of new music on SoundCloud whenever the spirit moves him. And this morning, that’s what’s happened. FlyLo has been moving further and further into the film world in recent years, directing his strange, gross Kuso feature and taking on a few other projects that push him in that direction. And the new FlyLo tracks this morning come from FlyLo’s film-music flirtations.

Six of the seven new tracks that FlyLo has shared this morning come from the score to Blade Runner Black Out 2022, a 2017 short film from the anime auteur Shinichiro Watanabe. Blade Runner Black Out 2022 was released in conjunction with last year’s big sci-fi reboot Blade Runner 2049; it’s one of three short films that served as connective tissue between the original Blade Runner and its decades-later sequel. FlyLo scored the short, and since both the original Vangelis Blade Runner score and Watanabe’s Cowboy Bebop were formative influences on FlyLo, he was definitely the guy to do it.

The seventh of the new FlyLo tracks is “Perfect,” and it’s an unused track from director Eddie Alcazar’s new sci-fi movie, also titled Perfect. FlyLo scored that movie, which is set to debut at SXSW this week, and he also acted as executive producer. The track is a collab with London multi-instrumentalist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, who also contributed to the Blade Runner Black Out 2022 score. Listen to all those tracks below.

It is not especially surprising to learn that Flying Lotus is very good at making moody, atmospheric, vaguely futuristic instrumental music.