Fifth Harmony Are Going On Hiatus

They had a good run, especially considering their slightly dubious beginnings. The pop group Fifth Harmony came into being in 2012, when the hosts of the reality singing competition show The X-Factor put five unrelated contestants together into a group. It’s the same trick that the British version of the show had pulled off earlier with One Direction, and it worked nearly as well. Fifth Harmony became maybe the biggest American girl group since Destiny’s Child, and their “Work From Home” has emerged as a sort of late-period pop classic, a song that never leaves rotation. But now, after six years, the members of the group are going their separate ways.

This was inevitable. Singing groups simply do not survive the departures of their most famous members, and that happened with Fifth Harmony at the end of 2016, when Camila Cabello left the group under contentious circumstances. Cabello has gone onto become even more successful as a solo artist. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Fifth Harmony had a go of it without Cabello, releasing their self-titled third album last year and memorably dissing Cabello onstage at the VMAs. But this morning, they announced their hiatus on Twitter.

In their statement on Twitter, the members of Fifth Harmony write, “After six years of going hard, non stop, we realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and you, we do need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors.” They also say that they’re playing the shows that they’ve currently got planned. Here’s the tweet:

Their tour site lists shows in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Iceland.