Kississippi – “Easier To Love”

Kississippi – “Easier To Love”

Back in December, Kississippi released “Cut Yr Teeth,” the first song that the Band To Watch alums had shared since 2015’s We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed EP. Now, ahead of the start of their tour opening for Dashboard Confessional and Beach Slang, the Philadelphia-based project have announced that their debut full-length will come out in just a little over two weeks. The album’s called Sunset Blush, and today they’re sharing a new song, “Easier To Love.”

It starts off pillowy and warm, the synths making space for Zoe Reynolds’ voice the same way she’s trying to be more accommodating for the person she’s singing about. “Up to now I’ve given all I’ve got/ You could always keep it if you want/ I’ll make myself easier to love,” she sings. The song operates in a grey area — its final hook of “I didn’t think it would be you” suggests that maybe all that change was worth it, but some of the verses seem to lean towards the other end of the spectrum, giving up too much of your independence in order to be there for someone else. That’s true of the constant push-and-pull of an adult relationship, though, balancing autonomy with partnership.

Listen below.

Sunset Blush is out 4/6.

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