Jlin, Kelly Lee Owens, & More Remix Björk’s “Arisen My Senses” For New EP

Björk released her stirring and ambitious album Utopia late last year, and today, she’s released an entire EP dedicated to remixes of “Arisen My Sentences,” which might be that album’s most moving track. (It’s out now digitally, and Björk promises that it will soon be available on “slug genitalia colored vinyl.” The EP’s cover art is a slug sculpted by Jesse Kanda.) As is usually the case with Björk, the three remixes on the EP sound very little like what’s on the album. And as is usually the case with recent-vintage Björk, they’re not exactly dancefloor-fixated, either.

We already knew that Björk was paying close attention to what’s been happening in electronic music lately, thanks to her choices of collaborators like Arca and the Haxan Cloak. But the three remixers on the new Arisen My Senses EP are all pretty impeccably picked: Footwork mutator Jlin, architectural techno auteur Kelly Lee Owens, and twisty IDM maximalist Lanark Artefax.

Of the three remixes, I recommend proceeding directly to Kelly Lee Owens’ lush, thumping take on the song, the only one that could conceivably get club play somewhere on earth. But they’re all compelling and worth hearing, and none of them sound anything like each other, or like the original. Stream the whole EP below.

The Arisen My Senses EP is out now on One Little Indian.