Clipping. In The Studio With JPEGMAFIA

One of the most exciting new rap voices to emerge in recent years is JPEGMAFIA, who forged his sound in the fires of Baltimore’s DIY scene and who currently lives in LA. On records like the new album Veteran, JPEGMAFIA creates a beautiful pile-up, combining intense mash-your-face rap music with collage-style shards of pop culture and the confrontational blitz of early industrial music. He is, in other words, someone who really should be working with the LA noise-rap group clipping.

Clipping. released a couple of albums of dank and ferocious noise-rap before frontman Daveed Diggs got busy with his acting career, first onstage in his Tony-winning Hamilton role and then in a whole lot of movies and TV shows. But even though Diggs is in serious demand these days, he is still evidently taking time to make music with clipping., a severely anti-commercial project for a guy who now appears in actual commercials.

So it’s very cool to see an image of Diggs and JPEGMAFIA in the studio with another kindred spirit, the brutal noise producer Lana Del Rabies. Last night, Del Rabies posted this photo on Instagram:

a day with cool dudes being cool dudes

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Imagine what that’s going to sound like!