World’s First David Bowie Statue Unveiled In Town Where Ziggy Stardust Debuted

The world’s first David Bowie statue has been unveiled in Aylesbury, the town in England where Ziggy Stardust debuted. Bowie first performed as Ziggy Stardust at a venue called the Friars in the early ’70s.

The bronze sculpture, designed by Andrew Sinclair, was erected yesterday, and it shows Bowie alongside his various alter egos. A speaker system mounted above the work will play a Bowie song every hour. According to the BBC, the sculpture was paid for by grants and a £100,000 crowdfunding appeal. Earlier in March, a petition launched to change the name of the town of Aylesbury to “Aylesbowie.”

Watch the unveiling video and check out images of the statue below.

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