Watch Weird Al Make His Guitar-Playing Debut With A Neil Young Cover At The Apollo

“Weird Al” Yankovic is in the middle of his “Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour,” where he’s mostly playing obscure songs and isn’t engaging in his usual wacky antics involving props or costumes or video screens. That’s led to him covering a different song each night, and to close out the second of his two nights at the Apollo Theater in New York this weekend, he covered Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl.” And the performance allowed him to indulge in the most self-indulgent act of all: the guitar solo.

As Weird Al explained on stage, he’s never played the guitar in front of a live audience before and he’s only just recently started to learn how to even play the instrument. “Tonight is a very, very special night for two big reasons. One is: On this next song, I’m going to make my guitar-playing debut,” he said. “My whole life I never learned to play the guitar. I figured, you know, I’ve been in entertainment, I’ve been a recording artist and a professional musician for most of my life, and I should know how to play the guitar. So, for the last several months, I’ve been studying and learning how to play the guitar so that I could debut it at the Apollo on this next song.”

Of course, in true Weird Al fashion, not all is what it seems, and he only used his new guitar-playing skills to ring out “Cinnamon Girl”‘s closing notes, while he let his usual band play out the rest of the song. But he really goes for that one note, and you can watch video of the occasion via Rolling Stone below.