Check Out Jeff Rosenstock’s Craig Of The Creek Theme Song

On Jeff Rosenstock’s most recent album, POST-, his cathartic shout-along ballads navigate adulthood in present-day America— through a handheld screen and under a moron-led government. So it seems appropriately escapist (and, perhaps, surprisingly carefree) that Rosenstock scores Cartoon Network’s new show, Craig Of The Creek, which is about three friends exploring an imaginary kids-only wilderness.

In an Instagram post, Rosenstock said he wrote “almost two hours of new music for this show so far.” He goes on to thank the show’s creators for “making a show that is super funny and easy to watch over and over again.”

The theme song is definitely a theme song, zippy and bouncy like the characters it portrays. But the wistful lullaby that plays during the end credits sounds like something I’d actually listen to. Listen to both below.

Whoa. Today at 6:25 EST Craig Of The Creek, a cartoon that I composed all the music for, is premiering on Cartoon Network. National television. Two episodes today, three new ones Saturday. WATCH ‘EM ALL! I’ve written almost two hours of new music for this show so far. Total dream. Completely surreal. Ultimate total thanks to @ben_levin for asking me to do it. Swipe over to see my professional recording environment for the big time television gig. . Thank you Ben and Matt for letting me make music I’m proud of. Thanks to all the writers and artists for making a show that is super funny and easy to watch over and over again while I’m writing. Mega huge thanks to Sophia Monico & Kelly Crews for wrestling with my tour schedule and never asking me to give up being in a punk band in order to do this other dream. And thanks to anybody out there who has encouraged my obsessive music habits which eventually lead me to this. Love y’all.

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