NYSE Celebrated Spotify’s IPO By Accidentally Flying The Swiss Flag (Instead Of The Swedish One)

Spotify went public today, and the New York Stock Exchange wanted to do something special to welcome the leading streaming music company into the club. Spotify is from Sweden, so naturally, the NYSE chose to briefly replace one of the three American flags at its entrance with a Swiss one. Tech reporter Sven Carlsson snapped a photo:

The problem, of course, is that Switzerland and Sweden are two different countries, many hundreds of miles away from each other. According to Carlsson—who himself is Swedish—the market fixed its error shortly after making it.

Switzerland is the land of the Alps; Sweden is in Scandinavia. Switzerland is famously neutral; parts of Sweden spend January in round-the-clock darkness. Switzerland has chocolate; Sweden has gripping neo-noir crime thrillers. But smart folks like you and me already knew the difference. Right?

This article originally appeared on Spin.

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