Police Search For Woman Who Stole $17.5K Yoko Ono Rock From Toronto Museum

Toronto police are searching for a woman who stole a rock from a Yoko Ono exhibit at the Gardiner Museum on Friday, Global News reports. A spokesman for the department says that the rock, which has the words “Love yourself” written on it, has an appraised insurance value of $17,500 and was taken from the museum after 5:30PM. The suspect, last seen walking south of the museum, was caught on a security camera.

The Gardiner Museum is currently hosting a three-part interactive installation by Yoko Ono called The Riverbed. According to the museum’s website, one of those parts, Stone Piece, “features a pile of river stones that have been honed and shaped by water over time. Ono has inscribed some of the stones with words, such as dream, wish, and remember. Visitors are invited to pick up a stone and hold it, concentrating on the word, and then placing the stone upon the pile of other stones in the center of the room.”

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