Watch The War On Drugs Unchain “In Chains” On Seth Meyers

The War On Drugs are very popular with the late-night talk show bookers, who clearly have a thing for beer commercial lead guitar shit. Adam Granduciel and band made their latest late-night voyage in support of A Deeper Understanding last night on Seth Meyers, where they played “In Chains.”

In his epic review of this epic album, my colleague Michael Nelson said “In Chains” was worthy of release as a single but questioned exactly how that would work given a construction that demands unusual patience from the listener:

Listen to me: The biggest hook on A Deeper Understanding — and it is an ABSOLUTE MOTHERFUCKER — is in the song “In Chains.” As such, “In Chains” should definitely be a single. “In Chains” is an incredible song. But “In Chains” is more than seven minutes long, and that hook comes in at about 2:40 — at which point, I go lightheaded like I just took a huge nitrous blast — and then it never comes back.

So tell me: How the hell is that gonna work as a single?

Well, they made it work on Seth Meyers. It still lasted more than five minutes, but it sounded like a hit to me, in a world where the War On Drugs are actually making hits. (And they are!) Enjoy it below.

A Deeper Understanding is out now on Atlantic.