Speedy Ortiz – “Villain” Video

Speedy Ortiz are finally following up 2015’s Foil Deer with a new album called Twerp Verse. They’ve already shared two singles so far, “Lucky 88” and “Lean In When I Suffer,” and today they’re sharing a third. “Villain” comes along with a video that follows Sadie Dupuis as she goes through her daily routine — reading at the bus stop, ironing, exercising — while a brightly colored fish-person hovers disconcertingly close. “We wound up doing this Fish Head [monster] and we liked that because it’s gender ambiguous and can show that this stuff — although a vast majority is from cisgender men โ€“ it really can be anyone who is ignoring your personal space and needs,” Dupuis explained to Billboard. Elle Schneider directs; watch below.

Twerp Verse is out 4/27 via Carpark Records.