New Arctic Monkeys Album Opens With A Line About The Strokes, Features Tame Impala’s Cam Avery

Arctic Monkeys’ new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, will be out in May and it’s their first release since 2013’s AM. Pitchfork reports that the first song on the album, “Star Treatment,” leads with a reference to the Strokes: “I just wanted to be one of the Strokes, now look at the mess you made me make/Hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase, miles away from any half-useful imaginary highway.”

It’s a known fact that Alex Turner is a big fan of the Strokes. Arctic Monkeys have covered “Take It Or Leave It” live, and in 2011, Turner spoke about how much he loves Is This It?.

Turner’s first interview for this new album cycle is up now on Mojo. The article isn’t available online yet, but according to Pitchfork, Turner discussed why he opens “Star Treatment” with a Strokes reference: “That’s me writing about writing … Did the Strokes line feel too close to home? Yeah, absolutely. But you can’t let that stop you.”

It’s also been revealed that Tame Impala’s Cam Avery appears on the album, and that Turner designed the structure featured on Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’s cover.