Watch Sufjan Stevens’ Live From Here Performance Including The Live Debuts Of “Tonya Harding” & “Visions Of Gideon”

Last week Sufjan Stevens performed four songs and a hymn for the Chris Thile-hosted variety radio show Live From Here. Today we see the footage of those live performances. Joined by Thile on the mandolin, he plays “Tonya Harding,” “Heirloom,” “Visions Of Gideon,” and “Mystery Of Love.”

Before launching into “Heirloom,” an older Sufjan track, Thile asks, “How do you deal with having too many good songs?” It’s true, a four-song set doesn’t do him justice. But these sweet acoustic renditions are quite enjoyable, as is watching Chris Thile bounce around to what are clearly some of his favorite songs. Watch below.