Thom Yorke-Soundtracked Suspiria Gets A Disgusting Preview At CinemaCon

Thom Yorke-Soundtracked Suspiria Gets A Disgusting Preview At CinemaCon

This fall, we’ll get to hear what a Thom Yorke film score sounds like. Yorke, following in the movie-composer footsteps of his bandmate Johnny Greenwood, has done the music for the new movie Suspiria, a remake of Dario Argento’s hallucinatory 1977 horror classic. Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino is the man behind the new remake, and it stars Dakota Johnson, Chloe Grace-Moretz, Tilda Swinton, and Mia Goth, among others. The original Suspiria is one of the scariest, freakiest movies you will ever see — thanks in no small part to the music, from the Italian prog-rock band Goblin — so the new movie has a lot to live up to. And based on what we’re starting to hear now, it really goes for it.

Last night, Guadagnino and Johnson showed a couple of clips of Suspiria to those who were at CinemaCon, the annual Las Vegas theater-owner convention. And based on all accounts of what people saw there, Guadagnino goes all-in on body horror. The images in the movie are apparently truly gruesome and disturbing, so Yorke may have his name on something that could be received the way his buddy Flying Lotus’ directorial debut Kuso was. Here’s how IndieWire describes those scenes (spoiler warning, obviously):

A young woman is in the midst of a violent crying jag, clawing against the mirrored walls of an empty studio. In another studio, Susie Bannion (Johnson) is about to perform an exercise for her class. Madame Blanc (Swinton) tells Susie, “If you feel ill at any time, just stop.”

Susie begins to dance, but with each twist and turn, the girl in the other room is flung up against the mirrors. A sinewy mass — possibly a creature — stretches out her flank. During Susie’s performance, the other student sustains broken bones, feels her jaw burst through her lip, and soaks the floor with drool and urine. When Susie swipes her wrists across each other, the girl’s legs bend back at unnatural angles. She is in agony, reduced to a knot convulsing on the floor.

As Bloody Disgusting points out, people had more to say on Twitter:

So now you know what this year’s mother! is going to be. Suspiria will be in theaters this September.

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