Young Fathers – “Toy” Video

Young Fathers – “Toy” Video

Scottish art-rap trio Young Fathers released their excellent album Cocoa Sugar last month. On it, they explored the self as a primal and innately political entity. Today they focus on the political element with their new music video for the album’s buzzing anthem “Toy.”

Its jittery beat is playful and menacing, much like the subjects of the music video. “You’re just a broken little toy, silly little boy,” they sing along to footage of child dictators and presidents. The kid rulers mouth these words to one another, as well as their parents and cabinet members. The song evolves into a clap-along chant, which is accompanied by hypnotic shots of various armies marching in unison. Of course, this is all a dream.

Director Salomon Ligthelm expands on his vision:

I found this comical image of Kim Jong Un in a crib playing with his toys and, when I heard “Toy” for the first time, that image came to mind immediately. The tone of the track is so visceral and abrasive, which I think marries the political subject matter perfectly. I honestly just really like the idea of seeing dictators behaving like spoilt little children – pissed with the world, because things aren’t going their way. Looking at the political climate of our time, I’d say truth is certainly stranger than fiction.

Watch and listen below.

Cocoa Sugar is out now.

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