Yucky Duster Break Up

Yucky Duster have broken up. They released their self-titled debut full-length back in 2016 and followed that up last year with the Duster’s Lament EP. (We named it one of the best EPs of 2017.) The Brooklyn-based band channeled everyday generational frustrations — from technology oversaturation to friend zones to catcalling — into playful indie-rock that was hooky and pulsed with a schoolyard-chant infectiousness.

“OK so we are officially broken up ☹️ This isn’t new but it’s been hard for me to completely come to terms with it,” the band’s Madeline Babuka Black wrote on Twitter over the weekend. “I feel a bit weird continuing to use this twitter so if I have a new project I might hope back on and tell y’all but for now… thank you for everything!!! Really!” She notes that her and former bandmate Maggie Gaster have plans to continue making music together.

The band played their last show together in January. They also performed a memorable set at Stereogum’s SXSW 2017 Austin Oasis show.

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