“Drunk In Love” Producer Detail Accused Of Rape, Jessie Reyez Backs Up Claims

Two different women have accused Noel Fisher, the rap and R&B producer who records under the name Detail, of rape. TMZ reports that the women, both aspiring singers, have told police that Fisher beat and abused them and forced them to have sex in front of other people. Both women, as well as a third, have been granted restraining orders.

The first of those women says that Fisher forced her to have sex in front of a group of people during a February recording session in Miami. She also says that Fisher, more recently, hit her, choked her, grabbed her hair, and bit her lip, leaving bruises all over her body.

A second woman, who once considered Fisher to be a mentor, says that Fisher essentially made both women into sex slaves. She claims that he forced her to have sex in front of another person, to take nude photos while he masturbated, and to film him having sex with the first woman. She also says that he slammed her head into a wall and dragged her up a flight of stairs. Both women, as well as the sister of the first woman, now have restraining orders against Fisher.

As a producer, Fisher has worked on hits like Ray J’s “Sexy Can I,” Lil Wayne’s “How To Love,” Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz,” and, most famously, Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love.”

UPDATE: Rising Toronto R&B singer Jessie Reyez has also accused Fisher of sexual misconduct. According to Spin, she retweeted TMZ’s report, adding, “One night, over 6 years ago Noel ‘Detail’ Fisher tried this on me. I was lucky and I got out before it got to this. I didn’t know what to say or who to tell. I was scared. Fear is a real thing. The girls that came out are brave as hell.”

In a separate post on Instagram, Reyez confirmed that her 2017 song “Gatekeeper,” which contains lyrics like “We are gatekeepers/ Spread your legs, open up/ You could be famous/ You know we’re holding the dreams that you’re chasing,” was written about her experience with Fisher. “Yes this is who gatekeeper is about,” she wrote. “My experience didn’t get this awful. I hope these women find justice.”