Gaspar Noé’s Controversial Climax Features New Song From Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter

Thomas Bangalter, half of the legendary electronic duo Daft Punk, will be featured on the soundtrack for Gaspar Noé’s latest film Climax. He has contributed his 1995 track “What To Do,” Daft Punk’s “Rollin’ And Scratchin’,” and a new song called “Sangria.” Bangalter has worked with Noé in the past on 2002’s Irreversible and 2009’s Enter The Void.

The new movie is about a drug-addled orgy, filled with dancing and violence, and recently screened at Cannes. Its soundtrack also includes music from Aphex Twin and the Rolling Stones, among others. Check out the full tracklist and watch the trailer below.