Watch SNL’s Unaired “Spirituality Rap” Video With Kacey Musgraves & Amy Schumer

This past weekend, Kacey Musgraves and Amy Schumer were the guests on Saturday Night Live. They both participated in a Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett sketch called “Spirituality Rap” that didn’t air during the broadcast edition, but it’s just popped up online. In the skit, Bennett plays a rapper named Stav D and Mooney backs him up as MC Strategy in a video that purportedly airs on MTV Hungary.

It’s thoroughly ridiculous, with Bennett channeling a Tommy Wiseau-adjacent accent and saying stuff like “I love hip-hop/ Shouts to Dre, Wu-Tang, Pharrell.” Schumer plays an angel who appears to Stav D in a dream telling him to stop masturbating, and Kacey is a choir girl who gets dressed up in a hilarious outfit and sings a hook in Latin. It all takes place in a church, and there’s doves and baby goats.

Watch below.