Watch Florence + The Machine’s Theatrical, Exciting Tonight Show Performance

I don’t know what I was expecting the first time I saw Florence + The Machine live. Something stately, maybe? But stately is not what Florence Welch is, at least not onstage. Instead, she’s a dervish of energy, sprinting and twirling across stages and out into audiences, her vivid plume of red hair flying out behind her. And that’s the version of Welch that came to the Tonight Show last night.

A couple of weeks ago, Welch announced the new Florence + The Machine album High As Hope and shared the new single “Hunger.” (She’d already dropped the early track “Sky Full Of Song,” which rules.) And last night, she was on The Tonight Show to sing “Hunger,” taking a stage full of nattily dressed musicians (including a harpist) and bouquets of flowers.

But Welch didn’t stay on that stage for long. Instead, she treated the entire Tonight Show studio the way she treats a festival stage — as if the whole room could barely contain her. She ran right up to the audience, practically singing into people’s faces, and spun across the floor. She sounded incredible, too, which was less of a surprise. Watch the performance below.

High As Hope is out 6/29 on Republic.