Forest Whitaker And Johnny Depp Try To Solve Biggie’s Murder In The City Of Lies Trailer

Despite his domestic abuse allegations, Johnny Depp continues to get cast in movies, and one of his next roles is in City Of Lies. He portrays Russell Poole, the Los Angeles Police Department detective who investigated the murder of The Notorious B.I.G. The film is based on Randall Sullivan’s nonfiction book LAbyrinth and it was originally developed under that title until it was changed to City Of Lies.

The film takes place two decades after the murder, and it follows a journalist based on Sullivan (played for Forest Whitaker) as he approaches Depp’s character to learn more about the murders. “In search of the truth, the two team up and unravel a growing web of institutional corruption and lies,” goes the synopsis of the movie. “Relentless in their hunt, these two determined men threaten to uncover the conspiracy and crack the foundation of the LAPD and an entire city.”

The murder and investigation of Biggie has been the subject of a few TV shows in the last couple years in the wake of its 20th anniversary, including USA’s Unsolved and FOX’s Who Shot Biggie & Tupac special. City Of Lies is the latest — it comes out in theaters on 9/7.

Watch the trailer below.