Jaye Jayle – “Cemetery Rain”

Jaye Jayle – “Cemetery Rain”

Evan Patterson is no stranger to darkness. As the guitarist and vocalist of the Louisville post-hardcore trio Young Widows, he channeled that darkness into twisted, muscular noise-rock full of a whole lot of sound and a whole lot of fury. And as the leader of Jaye Jayle, once a solo project but now a full-band endeavor, he shapes it into something shadowy and more subtle, a brooding, bluesy form of haunted gothic Americana.

Jaye Jayle are following up last year’s full-length debut House Cricks And Other Excuses To Get Out with a new one called No Trail And Other Unholy Paths next month, and we’ve already heard the gnarled, blackened roots-rock of “Ode To Betsy.” Now they’ve shared another new track, “Cemetery Rain,” a minimal, locked-in song that rides a buzzy synth-driven groove out into a restrained yet cathartic rockout.

“The arrangement for ‘Cemetery Rain’ was written on the guitar several years before the idea hit me to transpose the main elements to the synthesizer,” Patterson says. “Immediately, the entire song took form. As if a UFO had landed in my front yard and one of the greatest mysteries of the world was revealed. Aliens may not be real, but walking in the cemetery … in the rain … is very real. I have lived that.” Listen to “Cemetery Rain” below.

No Trail And Other Unholy Paths is out 6/29 on Sargent House. Pre-order it here.

Jaye Jayle

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