Vein – “Doomtech”

Vein – “Doomtech”

Boston hardcore outfit Vein know how to mess with time. Since their founding in 2013, the five-piece have been carving out a space for themselves by pushing their experimental HxC forward, while hearkening back to familiar sounds of early aughts and late ‘90s screamo and metalcore. Vein’s sound is one of the most innovative we’ve heard within the scene, pairing frantic melodies and ever-shifting time signatures with vitriolic vocals, all tied together by a heavy sound indebted to hardcore and screamo stalwarts like Converge, Deftones, and Orchid.

Earlier this year, we heard their forthcoming album’s math-rocky crusher of an opening, “virus://vibrance” and later the propulsive two-minute “Demise Automation.” Today, we’re premiering another gutsy track, “Doomtech,” off of their upcoming debut LP, errorzone, and it’s safe to say this one’s just as gnarled.

Coming in at just under five minutes, “Doomtech” still pummels through intricate rhythms and erratic vocal delivery but it’s a slightly more fleshed out and gloomier track than the other two we’ve heard. Anthony DiDio’s growls are offset by the echoing backing vocals, and then thrown back in your face in a frenzy of thick instrumentation and screams. At some point, the shadowy track breaks down as “to death” in repeatedly sung in a dejected grumble, but before you get too settled into the slower tempo, you’re thrown back into the mosh pit of the song and tossed around a bit longer. When you’re done listening, you’ll feel like you’ve been through some shit; but it’s less than 5 minutes long. Basically, their new song is stupid good. Listen to it below.

errorzone is out 6/22 on Closed Casket Activities. Pre-order it here.

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