Lilith – “In Real Life”

Earlier this month, Boston trio Lilith shared “I’ll Come Over,” a fuzzy earworm that’s one of two tracks on the band’s new cassingle, which comes out tomorrow. Today, they’ve shared the flip side of that release, a song called “In Real Life” that’s built around sunny harmonies but has an icy bite. The group’s Hannah Liuzzo says it was inspired by a very specific type of person: “They own all the woke books but have only read the back cover. They preach feminism but confuse their gripping desire to control you as ‘wanting to help.'” she says in a statement.

The song’s lyrics bare that out, with Liuzzo’s voice sounding deadpan but barbed: “The prose that’s on your wall — there’s no crease in the spine that I see/ It’s not like what you are is how you want to be,” she sings. The band responds to these knotty musings on desire and control with an appropriate layer of complication, discord seeping into the seams in carefully-controlled bursts. Listen via The Alternative below.