Gang Gang Dance – “Young Boy (Marika In Amerika)”

Gang Gang Dance are gearing up to release their first album in seven years, Kazuashita. We’ve already heard two fantastic lead singles, “J-TREE” and “Lotus,” and today they share “Young Boy (Marika in Amerika).”

In our recent interview with the New York experimentalists, Brian DeGraw revealed the meaning of the album title, “peace tomorrow.” Bandmate Josh Diamond added, “We’re living in very intense times right now, and in the course of us being a band it feels like the whole world has changed.”

They went on to talk about smart phones, Standing Rock, and Donald Trump’s America. Lizzi Bougatsos described a “desperate need to communicate,” a tension you can sense on all three singles. “Young Boy (Marika in Amerika)” mourns the lives lost to police brutality over heavy, tense synth and off-kilter beats. It sounds like paranoia and warped heat. Listen below.

Kazuashita is out 6/22 via 4AD. Pre-order it here.