Foo Fighters Prank Gothenburg With Dave Grohl Stunt Double: Watch Him Fall Offstage

Three years ago, the Foo Fighters were playing a show in the Swedish city of Gothenburg when Dave Grohl fell off the stage, breaking his leg mid-show. In an admirable display of toughness, he still finished the show, and then he played the rest of that tour while performing in a massive onstage throne. (Axl Rose later borrowed that same throne for a Guns N’ Roses tour after suffering a similar injury.) And last night, when the Foo Fighters returned to Gothenburg, they had something special in mind.

When the band took the stage in Ullevi Stadium last night, the “Dave Grohl” who ran out onstage was not, in fact, the real Dave Grohl. It was a stuntman who ran out onto the stage’s runway and promptly “fell” into the photo pit. The idea, I think, was for the crowd to think that Grohl had once again fucked around and injured himself in Gothenburg — that the city was somehow cursed for him.

The stuntman in question didn’t look that much like Grohl, though he did seem to enjoy his few seconds onstage in a distinctly Grohl-like way. And he fell onto a giant cushion, which made me wonder why Grohl couldn’t have just done the stunt himself. Maybe it was an insurance thing? Whatever the case, you can watch the video below.

The best part: The crowd didn’t seem to react at all to the fall.