Stream Chief Keef Ottopsy EP

Last weekend, the massively influential Chicago rapper Chief Keef was reportedly shot at in Times Square. The shooters missed, and Keef apparently hasn’t let a little thing like a near-death experience interrupt his flow. Today, with very little advance notice, Keef released the new five-song EP Ottopsy.

Keef, who has been recording in Los Angeles, with legal troubles keeping him out of his hometown, has been recording at a furious clip in recent months. (Dedication, his last mixtape, came out in December.) He’s also been exploring creatively, putting his dead-eyed snarl-flow in service of Auto-Tuned love songs on last year’s Thot Breaker mixtape. On first listen, Ottopsy seems to split the difference between that Thot Breaker sound and the simplistic fuck-you-up intensity of Keef’s early work.

Ottopsy runs five songs and 16 minutes, and its only guest is Tadoe, Keef’s frequent collaborator and fellow Chicago rap associate. Much of Ottopsy is given over to tough-talk, but Keef also finds plenty of melodies, and it’s a trip to hear him talking about “vegetarian tofu.” Stream the EP below.

The self-released Ottopsy is out now.

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