Joanna Newsom’s Catalog Now Available On Cassette

Joanna Newsom’s discography is being released on tape, as her label Drag City has just announced. Her 2015 album, Divers, was already put out on cassette back when it came out, but now her other three studio albums — 2004’s The Milk-Eyed Mender, 2006’s Ys, and 2010’s Have One On Me — will get a tape release as well. The cassette revival, baby, can you feel it? Because of its length, Have One On Me is spread out across three tapes and has photo inserts, too.

“Back in 2004, we were certain that that particular format was solidly in the rear-view; the sales ledgers for cassettes of Pavement, Silver Jews and Palace Music were absolutely barren (despite a HEALTHY overstock) for most of the decade before she came on the scene,” the label wrote in a post. “So, thus impoverished, we put Joanna’s records out on LP and CD, and then later, download and, still later, streaming (through only the BEST services, naturally).”

Look at that face up there! That’s a face that just screams “Hey, yeah, that’s right. I just put out my whole discography on tape.” Congrats, Banana!

You can order tapes here.