HAIM Say They Fired A Booking Agent Over Gender Pay Disparity

The issue of gender pay disparity has been coming up a lot in Hollywood lately, as we learn of troubling cases of female movie stars being paid much, much less than their male counterparts. There hasn’t been as much talk of it in music, but it’s there, too, as some recent comments from HAIM make clear.

As the BBC points out, HAIM recently told Grazia about a time when they fired a booker after learning that a male artist had been paid 10 times more for playing the same festival. Danielle Haim said this:

We had been told that our fee was very low because you played at the festival in the hope you’d get played on the radio. We didn’t think twice about it, but we later found out that someone was getting paid 10 times more than us. And because of that, we fired our agent.

This was after Este Haim had said, “It’s scary out there and [messed] up not even to be paid half the same amount. But to be paid a tenth of that amount of money? It was insane.”

HAIM haven’t said the name of the festival, the agent, or the other act who was paid so much more. So it’s unclear when this might’ve happened. We’ve reached out to HAIM’s reps for clarification.

In another recent interview, the members of HAIM talk about how they’re seeing more women working in music studios but that, when they visit some American alt-rock radio station, “there won’t even be a girls’ restroom.”

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