Mothers – “Blame Kit”

Band To Watch alumni Mothers tend to do a lot of reckoning in their songs. From their 2016 debut When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired to the enchanting Mountain Goats cover they put out in 2017, the Athens, GA-based band has been steadily building up anticipation for their sophomore LP. Today, we’re excited to get the first glimpse of the upcoming record, Render Another Ugly Method, their first for ANTI- Records.

“Blame Kit” starts off with twitchy and angular guitar rhythms before unfurling into a percussive meditation on corporality. Vocalist and founding member Kristine Leschper takes her time, stretching out every syllable with deliberation. “Not the first time/ I’ve watched her body expand/ A hundred times its size to/ Contain everything.”

Leschper ascribes her own sonic textures onto phrases to the point where they lose any sense of familiarity, sort of like when you repeat a word so many times that it starts to sound foreign. This, paired with shifting, polyrhythmic song structures and unexpected refrains are sure to disorient in a way that can only be pulled off by a band like Mothers. You won’t be able to figure out where the song goes next, you’ll just have to drift along with it and maybe do some reckoning of your own. Listen below.

01 “Beauty Routine”
02 “Pink”
03 “It Is A Pleasure To Be Here”
04 “Blame Kit”
05 “Baptist Trauma”
06 “Western Medicine”
07 “Circle Once”
08 “Mutual Agreement”
09 “Mother And Wife”
10 “Wealth Center / Risk Capital”
11 “Fat Chance”

Render Another Ugly Method is out 9/7 via ANTI-.

CREDIT: Tonje Thilesen
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