Late Bloomer – “Sleeve”

Late Bloomer – “Sleeve”

Late Bloomer really are blooming late. Not that they weren’t good before — they were — but their upcoming third full-length, Waiting, is a big step forward, finding the North Carolina power trio really coming into their own. The LP, recorded with indie-world superproducer Justin Pizzoferrato, is out at the end of the month, and we’ve already heard two songs, 5 Best Songs Of The Week honoree “Heaven” and “Listen.” And now they’ve shared a third.

“Sleeve” is a fiery condemnation of toxic masculinity in the DIY punk and emo scenes featuring harmonies from Alright’s Sarah Blumenthal. “It’s about the need for men listen to women,” the band’s Josh Robbins explains. “‘Sleeve’ specifically addresses how male songwriters can have a tendency to negatively paint female subjects in their songs without remotely considering that person’s point of view. If we learned to hear the other perspective we wouldn’t be so quick to jump to one-sided negativity.” Listen below.

Waiting is out 6/29 via 6131 Records. Pre-order it here.

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