Wild Pink – “Jewels Drossed In The Runoff”

Wild Pink have steered their meditative indie rock toward the big sky over the heartland on their new album Yolk In The Fur, which is to say that in addition to sounding like Death Cab For Cutie they also now sound like the War On Drugs. We’ve heard that creative exploration play out on two songs so far, and today we hear a third.

“Jewels Drossed In The Runoff,” a gently swaying guitar ballad with planetarium keyboards, basically skips past the Adam Granduciel worship and goes straight to the source, landing on something like slowcore Tom Petty — appropriate given that Wild Pink frontman John Ross originally hailed from Petty’s home state of Florida. For what it’s worth, Ross tells The Fader it was mostly inspired by his love for Cocteau Twins. He adds, “It is one of my favorite songs to play live and is partly inspired by growing up in Florida. The song is for all the great people in my life.”

Listen below.

Yolk In The Fur is out 7/20 on Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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