Shakira Stops Selling Necklace That Resembles Nazi Symbol

Shakira is in the midst of her El Dorado World Tour with a new line of gold-themed merch. However, recently, the singer has been thrown into controversy for a necklace which resembles a sun symbol used by the Nazis.

The necklace, which has been removed from the site, was first recognized by German publication Bento, pointing out the resemblance between the pendant and the Black Sun, which was first used in a mosaic at the Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, a home base for the Schutzstaffel party with Adolf Hitler’s close associate, Heinrich Himmler, at the head.

Shakira herself has yet to comment on the $9.95 necklace, but in a tweet Live Nation apologized for the inadvertent similarity.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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