Stream No Problem Let God Sort ‘Em Out

Let God Sort ‘Em Out, the new album from Edmonton punks No Problem, opens with a Public Enemy-style noise collage. And even though the band lurches into a full-on punk rock attack immediately thereafter, the album still sounds grander and more ambitious because of that opening. No Problem have a gruff, anthemic, no-bullshit sound, and they keep things tough and direct even when they draw on relatively experimental punk bands like Hüsker Dü and the Wipers. We’ve already posted two early tracks from Let God Sort ‘Em Out, “Get The Feeling Back” and “Circling The Drain,” but the whole thing is very much worth your time. And on a day full of shitty, dispiriting Supreme Court decisions, you might need an album like this in your life. Stream it below.

Let God Sort ‘Em Out is out now on Deranged.

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