Stream 03 Greedo’s New Album God Level

Stream 03 Greedo’s New Album God Level

Los Angeles street-rap weirdo 03 Greedo is one of the most exciting and inventive voices around right now, and he already released one of the best rap albums of the year in March with The Wolf Of Grape Street. Less than two months later, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of possession of methamphetamine and a gun stemming from a 2016 traffic stop in Texas. Tomorrow, he’s turning himself in to begin serving his sentence.

But that doesn’t mean that we won’t get any more music from him. Before his sentencing, Greedo was recording new material left and right, and he intends to keep releasing it at a steady rate. Next month, we’re getting Porter2Grape, a collaborative five-song EP with Bay Area rapper Nef The Pharaoh. And today, we’re getting God Level, a new solo album from Greedo himself, which comes with some cover artwork that recreates Tupac’s The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory Makaveli album cover.

Greedo has a bit of a history with Tupac. “Tupac sucks,” he told Billboard in an interview in March. “He’s a great actor. Part of his music shit was acting. But nigga, I got to go to court on Friday, I got a whole metal leg, I’m really from the projects. I really got my hood on my face. My first major project is called The Wolf Of Grape Street, the gang I’m from. He didn’t even say nothing wrong. Tupac was a bitch ass nigga. I’m a gangsta nigga.” And in another interview a couple of months later, Greedo said that he’s “bigger than Tupac.”

Greedo later clarified his comments in the caption of a recent Instagram post revealing the cover art for God Level. “This album will change music forever. I am a pioneer. I didnt mean to disrespect anyone that did this before me. But they threw the bait n me being greedy i ate,” he wrote. “I love u #geehive🐝🐝🐝 n i will still drop albums til im bacc. I apologize if anything ive done offended you but im myself. N i do this for us. We need to be more like #03. Just do what u want n die like that. I dont have beef with any rappers especially a fallen legend. I just feel like i am the new tupac!!!”

The 27-track God Level features guest appearances from Rich The Kid, Lil Uzi Vert, and SOB X RBE’s Yhung T.O, and you can stream the entire thing below.

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