Weezer’s Best Song, “Africa,” Is Coming To Vinyl Only At Urban Outfitters

You know the story, but if you don’t, here’s a refresher: A teenage Weezer fan named Mary based in Ohio ran a viral campaign in the hopes that she could convince the band to cover Toto’s 1982 cheesy pop hit “Africa.” Weezer eventually responded to the campaign by covering a different Toto song, which was straight-up rude! They did the 1982 song “Rosanna,” which is a popular one but not nearly as big as “Africa.”

Then, Weezer finally gave in and covered “Africa” for Mary. They did a straightforward cover, and it sounds pretty awesome. Though Weezer have always been a band that enjoys a good stunt now and then, Rivers Cuomo sings the song totally earnestly and it sounds like this was a fun one to record judging by how meticulously produced Weezer’s version is. Funnily enough, the cover became Weezer’s biggest hit in years.

Now, you can buy the cover on vinyl. A Limited edition 7″ LP is now available for pre-order at Urban Outfitters. Where else?! The A-side features “Africa” and the B-side is “Rosanna.” The 7″ costs $9.98 and the vinyl is lime green. The cover features Mary’s tweet: “@RiversCuomo it’s about time you bless the rains down in africa.”

CREDIT: Urban Outfitters
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