Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson: “I Don’t Have A Brother Anymore”

The Black Crowes broke up in 2015 over a money dispute between brothers Rich and Chris Robinson about compensation for their longtime drummer Steve Gorman. And it looks like neither of them has buried the hatchet, judging by some comments that Rich Robinson made in a recent interview with WBAB.

Rich Robinson, who is currently in a band called The Magpie Salute that is putting out an album next month, said: “Being in a band that seems a lot more functional now, I wouldn’t ever really want to wish to play in the Crowes again. It’s too toxic.”

“I don’t have a brother anymore,” he said. “I don’t speak to him. We don’t speak. I haven’t spoken to him in four years. And I think that that is what it is. So I would never wanna go down that road again.”

“Ultimately, he wanted everyone’s money. He felt that he was more important and bigger and better than everyone else,” Robinson says later in the interview. “That’s delusional and not the case, and I just felt like it wasn’t very righteous to live that way and so the band split up. Now, getting a few years away from it, I’m pretty happy it did, because I wouldn’t have been in this situation that I feel like I can really add to something that is never gonna go down that road. We’re vigilant about not letting it go down that road.”

Chris Robinson, for his part, is now in a band called As The Crow Flies that covers Black Crowes songs. As Blabbermouth points out, he recently told Rolling Stone that he hasn’t spoken to his brother in “about five years” and that he doesn’t miss him.